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Dental Practice Financing From Dental Association!

Dental Practice Professionals Find Funding For Your Practice With Dental Practice Financing!

Hispanic Dental Association Recognizes Lily Garcia

"This year, the HDA has focused on national advocacy and collaboration among the dental specialty organizations, and Ms. Garcia led a comprehensive strategic plan for ACP's future. "I can only hope that I can represent to others that, with work and
Lily Garcia received the 2012 Hispanic Dental Association (HDA) Women's Leadership Award in September. She is the first female Hispanic president of the American College of Prosthodontists (ACP).

One of HDA's objectives is to provide a voice for the Hispanic oral health professional in the U.S. The organization also works toward eliminating oral health disparities through advocacy, education and leadership, according to its website. Ms. Garcia earned her degree at the University of Texas at Austin, followed by Baylor College of Dentistry. She then pursued specialty training in prosthodontics at the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio (UTHSCSA). 
Her husband's Air Force career led them to Tokyo for some time before they relocated to Denver, where she worked fulltime at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. She is a professor and the division head of Advanced Education and External Affairs in the Department of Comprehensive Dentistry at UTHSCSA.
"Throughout my professional work life, I have been actively engaged in local and national dental organizations to contribute at whatever level possible," Ms. Garcia said."
Conclusion:  Dentists can find the financing they need to purchase or start up their own practice with dental practice loans!

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dental Practice Finance Helps Dentists Fill Gaps In Financial Planning!

The following article snipet gives a detail overview of Committing to Living Within Your Means; Understanding Taxes;  Determining Your Financial Position;  Managing Debt; Insuring Your Health and Life;  Protecting Your Property with Insurance; Paying for College;Planning for Retirement;  Managing Your Investments, and Preserving Your Estate.

New York-Based Finance Expert Helps Dentists Fill Gaps In Financial Planning

"The shift in focus resulted from a presentation by financial-services professional and author John Vento at the Los Angeles Dental Meeting, a two-day conference for dental professionals. Of the eight experts who addressed the audience, Vento was the ..."

Dental Professionals
Conclusion: Get the right help in your professional practice to discover the correct ways to grow your practice with the right financing tools.  Read more here:

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dental School Pulls In New Growth For Student Looking For Dental Careers!

The OutLook For New Dental Grads Seems To Be Increasing With This New Dental School And Graduates Can Get Dental Practice Loans For New Graduates Upon Graduating!

Tazewell Dental School pulls in new growth

"Bringing more dentists into the region and fueling economic growth are two goals behind a drive to establish a new dental school at the Bluestone Regional Business and Technology Park..."
A memorandum of understanding was signed Friday during an outdoor ceremony on the future school’s site at The Bluestone. Bluefield College, the Tazewell County Board of Supervisors, and the Tazewell County Industrial Development Authority are collaborating on the project.

The new school, which could start enrolling student by the fall of 2015, will help address the growing shortage of dentists in Appalachia, said Dr. David Olive, president of Bluefield College.

“Dentists and professional dental care are limited in Central Appalachia, but this new dental school will address that problem and begin to fill our understaffed clinics with the personnel needed to provide rural residents with sufficient oral care,” Olive said.
Dental News

One goal of the school is to have third- and fourth-year students work in rural clinics to help provide dental care in under-served areas, Olive said.

Bringing an entity like the dental school into The Bluestone will help boost the economy both in Tazewell County and the surrounding region, said Tazewell Administrator Jim Spencer.

“As I’ve said many times, the education-lead economic development is powerful,” Spencer said. He compared the potential to the economic growth seen around the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, Va.

“You can see what has happened around that campus, and we can replicate that same model here with a partnership we’ve established with Bluefield College,” Spencer said. He outlined some of The Bluestone’s history for the audience.
Conclusion:  Dental sudents have more options today with the opening of this new dental school and to offer third and fouth year students to work in dental clinics for additional training!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dental Practice Financing Dental Tips!

Back To School Tips For Your Kids And How To Keep Their Teeth Healthy!

Three Reasons to Visit Your Dentist Regularly

by Anna Woodward
Are you one of the many people who neglect to make regular appointments with the dentist? Do you dread going to the dental office even for routine cleanings? If so, then there are some things that you need to consider. It is very important to make regular visits to your dental professional for a number of reasons. Attending regular appointments will give your doctor an opportunity to evaluate the health of your teeth and the effectiveness of your dental hygiene practices. It will also give her the opportunity to provide you with important preventive care, and these are things for which you will be very grateful.

Evaluating the Health of Your Teeth
The first reason that it is important to visit your dentist regularly is so that she can evaluate the health of your teeth. Your doctor will be able to see signs of decay or other dental problems even if you have not begun to feel the effects of these symptoms. Fixing these problems before you start having aches and pains is something that you are sure to appreciate. Overall dental health is also important to evaluate and maintain, as it can be a good indicator of one's overall bodily health as well.
Evaluating Your Dental Hygiene Practices
Aside from evaluating the health of your teeth, your dentist will also be able to evaluate your dental hygiene practices. They will be able to tell you how effectively you are brushing and flossing your teeth, and can tell you if there is anything that you could be doing differently in order to get better results. This can save you from experiencing dental problems in the future.
Preventive Care
Finally one of the most important reasons to make regular appointments with your dentist is for the benefits of preventive care. One of the most important features of a dental cleaning and examination is the opportunity that it gives your doctor to see if there are any problem areas in your teeth. By doing this, she will be able to help you to understand how to prevent these problems from becoming worse. This can save you lots of time, money, and pain in the future, and this is something that you will be extremely thankful for.
All in all, there are several reasons to make regular appointments with your dentist. Doing so will allow your doctor an opportunity to evaluate your oral health and your hygiene practices. It will also give her the chance to provide you with some much-needed preventive care.
Visiting a thousand oaks ca dentist might be the best thing you can do for your oral health. Visit for more information or to schedule an appointment today.
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Conclusion:  Having your children see the dentist on a regular basis will save you money on the long run!

Dental Practice Financing For 100% - No Down Payment

Dentist Get Practice Financing For New Or Existing Dental Practice!

Dentists can go online at eDentalPracticeFinancing for more information about no down payment dental practice financing for professional dentists!

Dentist Get Your Patients Signed Up For New Dental Savings Program!

National dental and vision savings program offers new option
Consumers can go online at, sign up for the discount savings program, download a membership card within minutes and receive discounts at dentists and optometrists practicing in their community the same day.

Dental & Vision Extras is a joint venture by the Dental Care Plus Group and Total Vision Services, two companies with experience in the dental and vision industries.
One aspect of Dental & Vision Extras is the product’s definition of family, which incorporates anyone living in the registrant’s household regardless of legal relationship, minor dependents wherever they are residing and parents age 65 or older regardless of where they reside.

Registrants can also be adult children on their family membership who are up to age 26 if they are enrolled in a college or trade school, or any age if the adult child is medically disabled. Registrants whose parents are younger than age 65 and medically disabled can also be included in a family membership.
“The beauty of Dental & Vision Extras is its simplicity,” said Vince Thoma, president of Total Vision Services.

“Dental and vision insurance through your employer is still the best value for the average person, but if that’s not an option for you at this point in your life, you need to consider individual insurance or a savings program like Dental & Vision Extras.”
Added Anthony A. Cook, president and CEO of DCPG: “For many people, an individual insurance plan is optimal, but for others, a savings program is the better deal. The typical individual insurance policy mitigates your out-of-pocket expenses at the dentist or optometrist, especially for those expensive visits when they do more than a check-up. Of course, the monthly premiums are more expensive over a year than membership in a savings program. There are also more rules to understand and claims to file. Savings programs offer straightforward discounts up to 50% with no claims, no copays, and no annual maximum limits. There are also no health restrictions or waiting periods for benefits to kick-in.”
Cook cites health-care reform, a changing economy and aging baby boomers as playing key roles in developing Dental & Vision Extras.

“It’s a perfect storm, in some respects,” said Cook. “More than nine out of 10 Americans who have dental insurance access that insurance through their employer. That model will continue to work well for people fully employed and not nearing retirement. However, an aging population and a changing economy demands new models. This is the first of several products DCPG will be rolling out over the next few years to address changing needs.”
Conclusion:  Read the above post and click on the link to read the complete story!

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Dental Practice Financing For Special Needs Dentistry!

Dental Pratice Financing For All Dental Professionals is Now Offered NationWide!

Read the following interesting articles on dental oral heath!

Henry Schein Cares Supports Alliance For Oral Health Across Borders ...

"The event provided a forum to explore the role that leaders at all levels – from students to dental academics to business leaders and dental professionals – can play in fostering peace through oral health. A series of workshops were facilitated by ..."

DentalVibe Reveals Latest Methods in Special Needs Dentistry

"Available for free to dental health care professionals, this comprehensive white paper thoroughly assesses the current state of special needs dentistry, highlighting the need for more dentists to cater parts of their practice to these patients ..."

Watch the following video on how to save your back from pain after spending hours bending over your patients all day!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dental Practices Funding For Logicon Caries Detector!

Dentists Read All About The New Caries Detector For Your Practice!

Dental Practices today can get the funds they need to improve their office with the modern technology in finding caries!  Use the cash deposits from your business bank statements to fund this equipment.

Carestream Dental Announces New Version of Logicon Caries Detector ...

"ATLANTA – Carestream Dental today announced the availability of Logicon Caries DetectorTM Software version Logicon Software is a computer-aided detection tool that helps dentists identify and treat more interproximal caries at an early stage ...
Exclusively designed to work with images captured by Carestream Dental's best-in-class RVG sensors, Logicon Software is clinically proven to help dentists find more interproximal carious lesions than with traditional methods such as visual examinations of radiographs or oral examinations.*
Using detection and classification algorithms, Logicon Software automatically highlights possible abnormalities in dental radiographs, calculates the probability that decay is present and recommends whether a restoration should be considered. Results are displayed based on a database of histological validated caries. The software extracts image features and correlates them with a database of known caries problems.

New for Logicon Software is the addition of a PreScan feature that further automates caries detection and improves practice efficiency. With a single click, practitioners can use the PreScan feature to automatically scan all interproximal surfaces in a bitewing radiograph and immediately display the results, instead of having to scan one interproximal surface at a time. Dentists then have access to an index of the results that correlate to each interproximal surface. This provides practitioners with an initial assessment of the state of caries."

Dentists don't depend on outdated systems of detecting your patients caries, watch the above video with Dr. Bradley and the success he is having with this great system!

Patient Acquisition System For Dentists And Fund With A Bank Statement Cash Advance!

Dental Practice Professionals Read Below To Find Out How To Find More Patients and How To Fund It With A Practice Bank Statement Cash Advance!

Dental Marketing Strategy & Patient Acquisition: IDA's New Plans Focus On ...

"Dental marketing strategy from Internet Dental Alliance aims to fill dental practices with high-value patients that match dentists' clinical skills. (PRWEB) August 08, 2012. Internet Dental Alliance, Inc. (IDA) incorporates a customized dental ...
Internet Dental Alliance, Inc. (IDA) incorporates a customized dental marketing strategy into each New Patient Marketing Machine™ package. This puts doctors in control of the kinds of new patients they want to see in their practices, based on their clinical skills. By filling their schedules with patients that are the best fit for their practices, doctors have  more control over their time, their production and their income. IDA's new turnkey plans make it easy for dentists set up their choice of targeted lead generation campaigns with just a few clicks of the mouse.
Each New Patient Marketing Plan™ consists of several online tools designed to attract the specific high-value patients that doctors choose for their practice. At the heart of each plan are the New Patient Portals, or dental marketing websites, that are automatically search engine optimized based on the doctor's choice of target markets and geographical locations. With a few mouse clicks, IDA's proprietary LeadFire content generation technology customizes each Portal's web pages with the appropriate keywords to generate leads for specific kinds of services – such as cosmetic dentistry, children's dentistry, gum disease treatments, clear braces, etc.

The above articles is for the dental professional with his / her own practice and will bring more patients into the practice!  Learn also, how to get the funds needed for this program from your practice bank statements!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Dental Professionals Say Sedation for Routine Procedures Is OK On Young Patients !

Interesting Article On Sedating Children for Minor Procedures, Pros and Cons!


"Leading dental professionals say sedation for routine procedures can make it safer to work on young patients whose anxiety can make it difficult or dangerous to
American children are being put at risk by inadequately trained dentists who often seek to enhance profits by sedating their young patients for even routine tooth cleaning and cavity treatments, an ABC News investigation has found.
In many cases, even well-trained dentists have been unable or ill-equipped to handle emergencies with young patients.
More than a dozen children have died after being sedated by dentists, according to the Raven Maria Blanco Foundation, which seeks to alert parents to the potential dangers of the increasingly widespread use of oral sedatives on patients as young as 18-months old.
There is no national registry of dental deaths, and some experts say many deaths go unreported or are never officially tied to dental sedation.
Eight-year old Raven Blanco died after her dentist, Dr. Michael Hechtkopf, gave her "three times the average range" of sedatives, according to the Virginia Board of Dentistry.
The dentist had his license restricted for three months and was ordered to complete seven hours of continuing education in record keeping and risk management. He has since retired."

Interesting article on over sedating children, dental professionals must read this information to be on the safe side of sedating young children.

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